The excellence of Brasotek guarantees:

• Extremely easy to use

• Total safety for the operator

• Absolute lack of product wastage

Brasotek is a product addressed to refrigeration and plant market, to semplify, speed up and facilitate the work of installers and professionals.

Tested in 4 years of experimentation, Brasotek is an Italian innovative product and one of a kind that thanks to the high performance standard it improves the quality of work, health and environment.

Cleaner par excellence helps the soldering and brazing, Brasotek is used in production processes and repair of industrial equipment, affecting the following market segments.


Production of components of the refrigeration industry

industrial production of individual components and assemblies of refrigerating machines (from the small chiller or split up the large central cooling or air-conditioning).

Industries usually proceed to cleaning pre-welding of pipes and other materials through abrasion with brushes or steel wool milling. This process results in a significant consumption of solder and a longer time for the welding. The residues of the manual cleaning also inevitably end up in the same pipe, forcing then to “wash” the welded material to eliminate the slag, that could damage delicate components of the refrigeration system.

The welding could also be not perfectly performed: this would cause further problems in the phase of operation of the component itself, with the risk of breakage of the cooling circuits.


Production of health facilities for the passage of medical gases

production and assembling of devices for pharmacological actions and medical devices whose mechanism of action is physical-mechanical.

Perform welds on  medical gas systems is extremely delicate, especially for the implications that may occur from the health point of view. In these cases it is necessary a perfect welding and the lack of cleaning residues that can contaminate medical gases and cause serious injury to the health of patients.

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